31 October 2019


Nicola LEMKEN and Julien BUREL are delighted to announce their partnership for commercialisation of SULKY fertilizer spreaders under LEMKEN colours, starting in November 2019.

The agreement stands for a specific zone in Europe so far: LEMKEN dealers will propose spreaders in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, Ireland, UK and Poland. Nevertheless, SULKY will continue to sell its spreaders in its colours in these countries with its current distribution network.

Declined under Spica, Tauri and Polaris names, 5 models will be available from Agritechnica, with a hopper capacity from 900 liters to 4000 liters and a whole range of control from basic to ISOBUS.

This commercial alliance represents a great opportunity to develop a business which would be positive to each of Sulky and Lemken: it will increase the capacity of both companies to preserve their independence, to be both stronger and to add value to their respective dealers.

The two companies share many values: both family-owned, they have built their success on high-quality and customer-oriented products.

Independence from global manufacturers is a major challenge for both to focus on their respective know-how and keep close to farmers needs.

This emerging relationship will reinforce LEMKEN and SULKY position as profitable, traditional and yet innovative manufacturers.

This cooperation shall be very profitable for both companies:



It will enable Lemken to add a professional range of fertilizer disc spreaders to its dealers. For its part, LEMKEN now proposes a full range of crop-care products with spreaders joining the existing line of sprayers, mechanical-weeding Steketee machinery acquired last year, and weather station.



It allows SULKY to secure and enlarge the volume of spreaders produced, a field of activity where its knowledge and reputation is no longer to prove. This opportunity considerably opens up the European export market for the French company.


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